Saturday 20th August 2022

massed pipe bands

Convener’s Welcome


And welcome to the Nairn Highland Games, founded in 1867, and held at the Links every August since then, though there were breaks during both World Wars. The Nairn Highland Games is the only free Games in Scotland and we hope that it continues as such.
We would also like to thank all our local sponsors for their continued support and of course the Friends of Nairn Highland Games to whom also the Committee would like to give a special thank you to.
A vital part of the games is the support of the public and thank you all for attending today, and of course please help by giving generously to the bucket collection as our volunteers go round. All contributions gratefully received. With all the above support the games can survive but thanks are also to those staff members of the Highland Council ‘squad’ who set up and take down the arena, again with their help and support we are extremely grateful.
Again this year we will see the massed bands of the pipes and drums, which will leave Viewfield House (Nairn Museum) at 12.30 pm and march to the Links. They will also march around the arena at 2.15pm and finally leave the arena at 4.30 pm when they will march to the High Street and dismiss.

Thank you to all and have a great day.

You can also help keep the games running by becoming a “Friend of the games” click on this link to go to the Freinds membership page.
Friend of Nairn Games